Conquest of China
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Resisitance of European Invasion- James

Hundreds of years after the Mongolian/Manchurian invasions, the Europeans attempted an invasion into China all of their own.  But whereas the Mongolians and Manchurians invaded by force, the Europeans established Trade of products and initiatives, then began to import products that screwed with the Chinese society.  They imported things that the Chinese people couldn’t deal with such as Opium and other drugs.  They got thousands of people addicted to it which helped to destroy the Chinese idea of pride and social standing.  The Chinese resisted this by making a kind of police force to find the culprits and stop the spread of the drugs.  They did a good job and found a lot of opium, busting many European manufacturers, but the damage was already done with a massive percentage of the community now addicted to the drug which was suddenly nearly impossible to obtain.  The irony is that the Opium was made from a plant found primarily in China.   


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